Blood Moon Hunter’s Moon can be seen this Wednesday night

  • This October a natural phenomenon will take place and can be seen in most of the world
  • In addition to what will happen this October 20, more things are coming
  • The blood moon or hunter’s moon will happen tonight

2021 is about to end and yet a large number of phenomena in the sky will be visible so that all people will be amazed by the spectacles that nature gives and this night of October 20 the blood moon or moon will take place. of the hunter, which has a very mystical meaning.

The moons of October are famous for their visibility, their luminosity and the large size they give off, so undoubtedly many people take the opportunity to channel energies and make astral requests, so this Wednesday’s blood moon or hunter’s moon October 20 is a good option not to miss.

Blood Moon or Hunter’s Moon will take place today


As reported by ‘Marca’, this Wednesday a full moon called ‘blood moon’ or ‘hunter’s moon’ will take place, which is the closest to the September equinox and has a very strong pagan origin, since in the seventeenth century it was believed that when it appeared in the sky it was the best time for hunters.

The pagan legend of the Hunter’s Moon has to do with the fact that the animals were fed to have a better winter as it approached and also because at that time of year the crops had been harvested and since the orchards were clean, the hunters were tracking better to their prey.

Hunter’s Moon has pagan origin

Hunter's Moon

It is assumed that according to the portal ‘The Universe’, the term called Hunter’s Moon (Hunter’s Moon) was cited since 1710 in the Oxford dictionary, but it was also cited as Blood Moon (Hunter’s Moon are Sanguine or Blood Moon ), although it can also be identified as ‘Moon of the fall of the leaves’ because it is October.

This Wednesday, October 20, the Hunter’s Moon or Blood Moon will take place, so different media invite people from different parts of the world to pay attention and look at the sky to appreciate this wonderful natural phenomenon that the Earth gives us.

Where can you see the Blood Moon or Hunter’s Moon?

Blood Moon

The phenomenon of the Blood Moon or Hunter’s Moon takes place when the Earth is interposed between the Moon and the Sun, for which a shadow is generated that darkens the satellite with a reddish tone as if simulating blood, causing it to be one of the most beautiful moons of all.

In Mexico, in the United States and in much of the world, the Blood Moon or Hunter’s Moon can be seen all night on October 20, or even until dawn the next day, however, experts recommend being very close to slope at sunset time when the sun goes down.

In addition to the Blood Moon or Hunter’s Moon, there are more natural phenomena

Hunter's Moon

The blood moon or the hunter’s moon can be seen larger on the horizon as it will have a greater thickness due to the Earth’s atmosphere, ideal for contest photographs, in addition the effect will cause it to become more luminous and even orange or red, hence name.

However, after this natural phenomenon, there is also a partial lunar eclipse ahead for the month of November, as well as an Orionid meteor shower before the end of 2021, that is, during December, so it will still be possible to contemplate other spectacles of nature.

In addition to the Blood Moon or Hunter’s Moon days ago, a strange phenomenon was captured

Blood Moon, Hunter's Moon

A huge fireball (meteor) appeared over the North Carolina sky and caused concern among the population because of the speed at which it was going, is it a sign of the Apocalypse? Experts and NASA estimate that it was traveling at a speed of 32 thousand miles per hour and was captured on video, according to a publication on the CBS News portal.

It was the American Meteor Society that released the video that was taken from a home in Rowland Pond, Carolina. Fireballs are brighter meteors than the planet Venus, according to the society, a non-profit organization that monitors these types of phenomena and the NAZA explained why.

Strange sightings in the sky

Ball of fire
Youtube Photo

But this was not the only one that fell, during the past week, there were five sightings, including this one, of fireballs over Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia and Virginia. It was last Friday that the organization received 148 reports of the sighting.

However, the fireball seen in North Carolina was the most seen, since of all those reports, 80 were in that city, so some people expressed their concern about this impressive natural phenomenon that cannot be seen all the days. Filed Under: Blood Moon or Hunter’s Moon.

Fireballs appear in the sky

Youtube Photo

The NASA report indicates that the fireball landed on the North Carolina coast at approximately 7:40 p.m. and was one of at least five fireballs that were reported over the United States that same Friday night, from according to the reports.

NASA explained that analysis by its experts indicates that the meteor was seen 48 miles above the ocean off Camp Lejeune and shot northeast at about 32,000 miles per hour. It was going 26 miles through the Earth’s upper atmosphere and then it fell 28 miles over the town of Morehead on the coast. Filed Under: Blood Moon or Hunter’s Moon.

The fireball in lunar phases?

Youtube Photo

According to information from experts, meteorites enter the Earth’s atmosphere at a speed of 25,000 mph to 160,000 mph, however, they lose strength when they enter through the atmosphere. In this case, the fireball was captured in at least two different videos, the one from the AMS has gone viral, with almost 95,000 views. NASA was attentive to everything.

Last week’s lunar phases, with a full moon on September 20, allowed people to see meteors between moonset and sunrise, according to AMS. And with all this, many people were able to record the natural phenomenon that has attracted a lot of attention. Filed Under: Blood Moon or Hunter’s Moon.

People say that “nothing so spectacular has ever been seen”

Ball of fire
Youtube Photo

On the YouTube account of the American Meteor Society, people began to comment on the phenomenon: “Several of us in north central Florida saw a similar fireball on the same night around 10 pm. It was big enough to see it fragment. “

And the user added about his experience seeing the phenomenon also reported by NASA: “It seemed to be over the Gulf of Mexico to the west of our position. I have been observing meteor showers since I was young and have never seen such a spectacular one. ” To see the video click here. Filed Under: Blood Moon or Hunter’s Moon.

The impression of the people was that it was closer than it appeared

Photo Archive

Some more people said, “I know I saw this one in Garner North Carolina. I went through the reports that it was definitely fragmented like crazy, this was the one between 8:00 and 10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. I was walking south I think and I saw it, I think, almost in a straight line, but maybe over Southwest well South Southwest. “

Someone else commented on the time and place where they saw him: “I also saw him in Fayetteville. It definitely seemed closer than this, and as @DCrockaFella said, it fragmented like crazy. I was freaky !! I hope more videos are uploaded. ” Filed Under: Blood Moon or Hunter’s Moon.