Bono speaks for the first time about the existence of his ‘secret’ half-brother

Bono, leader of the band U2.


Bond has spoken for the first time about the shocking family revelation he discovered just a year before his father Bob’s death in 2001. The leader of the group U2 has a half brother which was born as a result of an extramarital affair that Bob had while he was still married to his mother Iris and they all lived together in their family home in Dublin.

I have another brother, who I love and adore, i didn’t know i had“, explained the singer on the program ‘Desert Island Discs’ on BBC Radio.

Finding out about the existence of a half-brother and the secret romance that his father had helped the singer to understand much better why he behaved as he did in the face of the sudden death of his mother when he was 14 years old. “My father was going through a lot. His head was somewhere else because his heart was somewhere else.“, has recognized the leader of U2.

The interpreter of hits like ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ has added that nobody, neither Iris nor her older brother Norman, knew of the existence of another son, whose identity you prefer to protect. Although the timeline of his stepbrother’s birth remains unclear, they were at least able to talk about it before Bob died at the age of 75.

“I asked him if he loved my mother, and he said yes. And I said, ‘How can something like this happen? ‘. And she told me that she was trying to fix things, trying to do the right thing. he wasn’t apologizing, he just said those were the facts. I’ve already made my peace with it“.

The “complicated relationship” between father and son worsened considerably after Iris’s death, but today Bono finally understands that his father was “dealing with a lot”. That caused any anger he might have felt about the secret he kept from her for decades to be replaced by a feeling of guilt that he was able to put himself in her place, and now he regrets not having offered her more support in the difficult moments that had to face alone.

I feel like I wasn’t there for him, Really, the way it should be“, he assured. “I apologized to my father in a small chapel in France after he passed away. I went to that little chapel, where there was no one. I lit a candle, got down on my knees and said, ‘Look, I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you. You’ve been through a lot and, please, forgive me‘. and i felt free“.

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