Boris Johnson says goodbye as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom “That’s it, friends”

Boris Johnson finally said goodbye as UK Prime Ministerafter presenting his resignation on July 7, motivated by a rebellion among the members of his Government, as a protest for his management after several scandals.

In his last speech in front of the famous black door of number 10 Dowing Street, Johnson highlighted his achievements, Brexit, the launch of the vaccination program against COVID-19 and support for Ukraine after the war that this country is facing. country.

Likewise, the politician acknowledged that the nation is facing “a difficult time for the economy and for families across the country” but promised that “we will overcome it, we will come out stronger on the other side.”

Johnson will support the new government

Johnson gave his last speech as prime minister Became prime minister in 2019

during his speech Boris assured that he will support the new government and Liz Truss, who will now replace him as prime minister.

“I will offer this Government only my most fervent support. I will support Liz Truss and her Government in every step,” he said.

After giving his speech, Johnsn formally submitted his resignation to Queen Elizabeth II, head of state of the United Kingdom. Let us remember that Boris announced his resignation on July 7, after a rebellion of members of his government as a protest against his management and various scandals, including the parties in Downing Street that took place despite the fact that at that time There were restrictions due to the pandemic.

After his resignation, the Queen Elizabeth II will call Liz Truss, who until now works as Foreign Minister, to ask her to be part of the Government.

It should be noted that during the time between resignation and reappointment, the executive power of the United Kingdom rests with the queen.

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Who is Boris Johnson?

He became Prime Minister in 2019

Boris Johnson is a British journalist and politician. He was leader of the Conservative Party, mayor of London from 2008 to 2016 and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, a position he held from 2019 until his resignation on July 7, although he remained in the position for a few more weeks while his replacement was sought.

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