Boruto manga 67 spoilers: Naruto debates Kawaki’s future

Warning! next in AmericanPost.News will talk about Boruto manga 67 spoilers. The Serie Boruto: Naruto Next Generations made a very important decision regarding Kawaki’s future, following his role in the series’ biggest death to date.

The manga has reached the climactic end of its Code-focused arc as previous chapters of the series had seen Boruto and Kawaki fight the former Kara member. But instead of Code being the main issue, it was soon revealed that it was actually Boruto, as Momoshiki was able to take control of Boruto’s body once again.

This led to him and Kawaki deciding to go ahead with their main plan of ending Boruto’s life before Momoshiki could do anything to his body. The most recent chapter of the series revealed how the manga would continue even after such a game-changing game, and luckily Boruto is still alive with his heart completely pierced.

What did Kawaki do?

Images: Shueisha What will happen to Kawaki?

Kawaki killed his brother Boruto (controlled by Momoshiki) and now a big lingering question remains as to what to do with him now that Shikamaru has seen how far Kawaki is willing to go to achieve his goals. Even if those goals are to keep Naruto and the Hidden Leaf Village safe.

Naruto’s son is really dead, but at the last minute he was saved by Momoshiki. The villain confessed that he does not want to lose his valuable vessel, since if so, his soul will disappear forever.

Boruto manga 67 spoilers

Chapter 67 reveals that immediately after Kawaki killed Boruto, this messed up Code’s plans quite significantly. But while there are still many things to be resolved from that point on, the Kawaki seen with the full use of Karma from him is much more intense than before.

Kawaki reveals that he is willing to do whatever it takes to keep Naruto safe, even if it means killing his brother. Seeing this side of Kawaki, Shikamaru gets nervous because Kawaki didn’t hesitate to kill his own partner (something similar to Kakashi and Rin’s past).

Knowing that they will eventually have to fix this problem themselves, Shikamaru wonders how the village will handle such news, but Naruto refuses to budge. He reveals that as a member of his family, Naruto will take care of his son and side with him on the matter.

They’ll figure this all out together as Kawaki’s position in the village becomes much more tenuous, but luckily Boruto hasn’t been killed yet. You can catch up with Boruto manga 67 spoilers on MANGA Plus app.

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