Boxer Andy Ruiz faces serious accusations from ex-partner Julia Lemus in San Diego

Andy Ruiz faces legal battle as ex-partner Julia Lemus details domestic violence and rape allegations, including threats to their children, after 2019 heavyweight victory.

The famous Mexican-American fighter Andy Ruiz is facing serious accusations of rape and abuse against his ex-partner, Julia Lemus, with whom he had a nearly seven-year relationship.

On April 6, Julia Lemus obtained a restraining order against the athlete from a San Diego jury, arguing that she suffered domestic violence during the relationship. In addition, Lemus accused Ruiz of endangering and threatening the couple’s two young children, for which she decided to sue him.

According to the complaint, the abuse escalated in 2019 after Ruiz defeated Anthony Joshua in a superheavyweight title fight. Then, the boxer aggressively grabbed Lemus, 26, by the arms and beat her, causing bruises on her arms and legs.

The complainant says that in early 2023, Ruiz pointed an AK-47 rifle at her face, so she began to fear for her safety.

“He told me to shut up, and then I noticed that the guns had no bullets, so he started telling me that I was being very dramatic,” Lemus detailed in her complaint.

Things got worse in February of this year, as the young woman claims that Ruiz raped her on at least six occasions, facts that she reported to the San Diego Police Department, who approved a restraining order against the fighter.

Ruiz has categorically denied the abuse against his ex-partner, whom he accuses of stealing $250,000 from him and threatening him with a firearm in April 2020.

According to the boxer’s statements made to the authorities, he does not consider that the accusations made against him are important enough to keep him away from his children.