boxer reveals unexpected confession

  • Óscar De La Hoya makes an unexpected confession about his childhood
  • Former boxer claims he was raped when he was 13
  • “I was raped at 13 by an older woman,” said the athlete

Oscar De La Hoya childhood rape. Former boxer Óscar De La Hoya, who showed great talent above the ring, being one of the most outstanding boxers of his time shining alongside world champion Julio Cesar Chávez, makes an incredible revelation during an interview, where his words surprised Internet users.

It is worth mentioning that Óscar De La Hoya was the example for all the little ones who wanted to be like him in the ring, but everything would be totally different outside the ring, since his life was full of controversy where he involved parties, alcohol and drugs were involved, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Oscar De La Hoya makes an unexpected confession

Oscar De La Hoya childhood rape

Apparently these personal problems that prevented the ‘Golden Boy’ from reaching the top of the boxing world caused him to have a traumatic childhood. Even the same athlete realized in the interview that when he was a child of only 13 years old, he was the victim of a rape.

In fact, De La Hoya plans to return to the ring this September 11 after announcing his retirement from professional boxing in 2008. This time he will face the Brazilian mixed martial arts fighter Vitor Belfort, which promises to be a spectacular display.

Óscar De La Hoya childhood rape: “I have peace with myself”

Oscar De La Hoya childhood rape: "I have peace with myself"

After having recounted his traumatic childhood, the boxer claims to feel more liberated than when he fought in the 90s, even mentioning that this helped him feel the necessary confidence to put the gloves back on above the ring, in a fight that he intends to take out. sparks.

“I have peace with myself, that is what has given me the fire to continue. Everything that has happened to me has happened for a reason. Life has been hard, I’ve always dragged myself six feet underground. I’ve been there, I’ve almost been there, ”said the athlete in the interview.

Óscar De La Hoya childhood rape: “I was raped at 13 by an older woman”

Óscar De La Hoya childhood rape: "I was raped at 13 by an older woman"

In order to overcome the problems in his life, the ‘Golden Boy’ says that he had to go to a shaman to help him find a mental balance. He even revealed that one of his biggest traumas was that at the age of 13 he lost his virginity to an older woman.

“Many things, many things… doors that I never closed, that I left open since I was a child. There are many things … now I had to deal with little Oscar then. I was raped at 13 by an older woman, so there were many. At 13 I lost my virginity, I was basically raped. I was 13 and I was in Hawaii for a tournament, she was a woman over 35 years old, “said the businessman.

Óscar De La Hoya childhood rape: “I suppressed everything, you repress everything and you live this life”

Óscar De La Hoya childhood rape: "I suppressed everything, you repress everything and you live this life"

Currently Óscar de la Hoya is a former boxer and promoter of Mexican-American boxing, known worldwide as Golden Boy. During his professional career, he said he had done many things aside because he could not solve it, and thus tried to hurt the people who were by his side.

“I suppressed everything, you repress everything and you live this ‘Golden Boy’ life, but then you see that it’s still there. I never thought about it, I never processed how my feelings were reacting or processing until one day it comes out and how you deal with it … drinking, you know, drowning in alcohol, trying to forget or are you trying to connect. It was very traumatic, ”he added.

Óscar De La Hoya childhood rape: He managed to overcome so much adversity

Óscar De La Hoya childhood rape: He managed to overcome so much adversity

In amateur boxing De La Hoya was a gold medalist at the 1992 Olympic Games. In his professional stage, he was world champion in six different divisions from super featherweight to medium in different stages from 1994 to 2007. After this career he managed to overcome the problems outside the ring

“If you want to keep it in the boxing environment, the fight against Pacquiao, I didn’t have that closure that I wanted, that’s one … I have reached peace with my mother, so I’m fine there with that.” He also said to get along with his children and their mothers: “I have my children, I have a great relationship with them and with their mothers,” concluded the boxer.

Oscar De La Hoya Childhood Rape: Boxing Tragedy

Boxer Vasile Belous dies

A few days ago the boxing world was in mourning, since one of the renowned boxers of the Olympic Games He has lost his life at only 33 years of age in a tragic accident that would end his life, after a short career as a boxer where he also achieved some achievements.

This is the athlete Vasile Belous, who was one of the best boxers in the country of Moldova. It should be remembered that Belous participated in the London 2012 Olympic Games, in which he had an outstanding participation. Now the boxer died in a car accident Monday night, according to the Daily Mail.

Famous boxer dies in tragic accident

Boxer Vasile Belous dies
PHOTO: Yahoo Australia

Authorities in his native Moldova confirmed the death of the 33-year-old after he lost control of his vehicle, a Mercedes in the town of Calaraseuca, about 150 miles north of the capital, Chisinau. This accident would cause the death of the athlete who was only 33 years old.

The different investigations indicate that Vasile was driving his car when he crashed into a stone wall of a monastery and the images of the different local media showed the front of the car completely destroyed. It is worth mentioning that he had a family consisting of his wife and two children. Filed Under: Oscar De La Hoya Childhood Rape

He was national champion

Boxer Vasile Belous dies: He was national champion

It is currently unknown what caused the car driven by Vasile Belous to go off the road, before hitting the brick wall at the entrance of the monastery in the town of Calaraseuca. But investigations are still continuing to determine the causes.

He became the national champion of his country, which would allow him to attend the London 2012 Olympic Games where he had an outstanding participation reaching the second round. Then years later he competed in the 2017 world championship obtaining the bronze medal in the welterweight division. Filed Under: Oscar De La Hoya Childhood Rape

“He was a very technical athlete”

Boxer Vasile Belous dies: "He was a very technical athlete"

After learning of the death, Petru Caduc, who trained the fighter for more than 15 years, dedicated a few words to him on social networks: “He was a very technical athlete. There were few athletes with such a technique in Moldova. He was a personality, a very dedicated man. He complied with everything I asked of him. He trusted me, he never betrayed me. We are very sorry that what happened happened ”.

His last fight was a loss in Poland four months ago. Belous recorded 72 wins and two knockouts in his 116 amateur fights. Igor Untila, coach of the national boxing team, added: ‘He was a high-performance athlete, the pride of Moldovan boxing. He participated in the Olympics and, in fact, what happened is a great tragedy. Condolences to the grieving family and all their loved ones, ”according to The Sun. Filed Under: Oscar De La Hoya Childhood Rape

A short but great career

Boxer Vasile Belous dies: A short but great career

Boxer Vasile Belous is remembered for defeating Seleman Kidunda of Tanzania during his participation in the London Olympics in the first round, just before falling to Taras Shelestyuk of Ukraine in the knockout stage of that competition.

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