Boy celebrated his birthday and what he said to his guests left them stunned

The boy surprised everyone with his unkind words at his birthday party.

Photo: Vlada Karpovich/Pexels

when you are a child, there is no doubt that in addition to Christmas, One of the most anticipated days in the whole year is the birthday, Well, the vast majority are celebrated with a big party, where in addition to a delicious cake, the guests adorn the party with gifts, usually toys, which makes any minor happy.

However, there can also be the other side of the coin, that is, those kids who just don’t like parties and therefore, they would prefer to celebrate this special date in any other way.

It seems that this is what a boy feels whose story has gone viral due to the little speech he gave to his guests at his birthday party and that no one expected.

In the clip shared on TikTok you can see the celebrant accompanied by his parents, who was asked to give a word of thanks to all those who had attended the celebration. It all started in a good way: “Good evening. Thanks for coming to my birthday. I am happy that everyone is safe here.”

However, immediately afterwards, a small twist came from the boy: “I didn’t want them to come, but well… they’re welcome,” the boy sentenced his speech.

After hearing these words, the guests began to laugh, perhaps because they found the sincerity of the party very hilarious, but it could also be nerves for making the child uncomfortable, especially given the reaction of the parents, who are embarrassed by what was said. by his son.

As expected, the video divided opinions, as some applauded the boy’s sincerity, others indicated that it is part of innocence, but there were also those who called him rude and ungrateful.

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