Boy goes to school in a flame and moves the entire internet

Facebook has trended images where a boy goes to school in a llama to a child, the events took place in Peru.

The little boy was caught going to his school and although it seemed incredible, he did it riding a llama, an animal native to the Andes. Users of this social network debated intensely about the need to break social gaps in the South American country.

Boy goes to school in a llama

A walk to class on a llama. TikTok shows a boy going to school in a llama.

The protagonist of this story is originally from Cusco who has to travel long distances to attend his study centers in a rural environment, what has surprised him is that he does not do it alone since as he does not have the adequate means, he does it with a calls,

The town does not have basic services, but also transportation, since it is known that not a few children in these environments must walk to these institutions.

The curious video shows us the little boy on top of the dromedarycarrying his backpack on his back, while the animal with dark fur runs at full speed so that the child does not miss his favorite classes.

Boy goes to school in llama

TikTok shows a boy going to school in a llama.

The footage was initially shared on TikTok but has gone so viral that multiple platforms have replicated it.

And although the video says: “This only happens in Peru, Cusco, Chumbivilcas, in its highlands”the reality is that it reflects the harsh reality that many rural children have to live day by day in Peru in the 21st century.

  • “This little guy’s life is exciting”
  • “the Ferraro of the heights”
  • “It’s like a cartoon coming to life”
  • “the best video I could see today”
  • “tell me you’re happy without telling me you’re happy”

As has been seen, there are several comments about how fascinating it has been to see a child go to school in a llama.

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