Boy Scouts director arrested in Florida for alleged sexual abuse of minors

The Orange County Sex Crimes Unit is on call in case any citizen has additional information in the case.

Photo: Gerardo Mora / Getty Images

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Florida reported Friday that a Boy Scouts executive has been arrested and is facing multiple sexual assault cases involving minors.

The subject identified as John Bruce Larsen, 51, faces two counts of sexual assault against a victim under the age of 12, two counts of sexual assault against a victim under the age of 18, and four counts of lewd abuse against a child under the age of 12.

The sheriff’s office noted that Larsen’s arrest took place this Friday afternoon, and during the investigation, they found out he was a district executive for the Boys Scouts of Central FloridaClick Orlando reported.

“The actions allegedly committed by John Larsen are reprehensible and run counter to everything the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) stands for. Upon learning of these allegations and his arrest, we took immediate action to ban him from scouting. We add Mr. Larsen to the BSA volunteer selection database, which prevents him from registering and participating in future scouting, including employment,” the Boy Scouts of America said in a statement.

Rigorous measures to prevent cases of abuse

In addition, the organization said safety is their top priority, and they will cooperate fully with law enforcement in this case, as investigators speculate that due to Larsen’s position in Boy Scouts there could be more victims.

“Our barriers to abuse include a thorough screening process for adult leaders and employees, including criminal background checks, mandatory youth protection training for all volunteers and employees, a leadership policy that requires at least two adults trained in youth protection are present with youth at all times during scouting activities and prohibit any individual situation in which adults have interaction alone with children, “reads part of the statement.

The BSA added that the organization prohibits interaction alone either in person, online or by text message. The use of recording devices or mobile phones near bathrooms and showers is also not allowed, noting that in case of any abuse or suspicion of it, the authorities must be promptly notified.

Deputies said any citizen who has been a victim, knows someone who has been, or has additional information about Larsen should call the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Sex Crimes Unit at 407-257-7000, ext. 70641 or ext. 70557.

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