Boy with autism is tortured and abused at school by his own classmates

The case of a child with autism who was tortured and sexually abused in the bathroom of a primary school in Argentina is causing outrage among parents. According to reports, the assailants were identified as students and classmates of the victim.

The events were recorded in the province of Córdoba when two students beat and sexually assaulted a boy from 11 years in the bathroom of the Rafaela Sánchez de Caldelari school.

“My son has autism and has always been bullied by these kids. In the afternoon, when I asked him how he had done at school, he told me that I was wrong and began to recount what they did to him, ”explained the victim’s father for the TN medium.

A boy with autism is tortured and abused at school.

Parents demanded the suspension of the aggressors. School bullying.

According to the parents, their son, who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (TEA), told them that inside the school bathroom, his classmates tied him up to hit him and later sexually abused him.

After committing the aggression, the two companions of the same age as the victim asked him for money and threatened them so that “they would not do it again,” according to the minor’s father.

Given what happened, the parents expressed their solidarity with the victim. They demonstrated outside the school to demand the suspension of the alleged aggressors since they affirmed that the school only applied measures for the affected child, who was asked not to be in certain places to avoid other attacks.

“My son has had panic attacks since Monday and doesn’t eat. We have taken him to the doctor because he has headaches and trauma. It took us seven years for my son to talk to people, and these people destroy everything,” the parents said.

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What is bullying?

School bullying.

Bullying is aggression manifested by exercising power over another person and regularly occurs in schools. Researchers have defined it as a series of hostile physical or verbal threats that are repeated, distressing the victim and establishing an imbalance of power between her and her harasser. The case of a child with autism who was tortured and sexually abused in the bathroom of a school in Argentina by his classmates is being investigated.