Brad Pitt says goodbye to Hollywood? The actor announces that retirement could be very close

Brad Pitt.

Photo: Rachel Luna/Getty Images

After a long time out of the spotlight, the American actor Brad Pitt He gave an interview to GQ magazine for the cover of the month of July in which he stars. Within the talk there were several confessionsincluding how he experienced his separation from Angelina Jolie, as well as the future of his acting career. Here we tell you what he said!

From the house where the confinement lived, the protagonist of films like “Troy” and “Mr. and Mrs. Smith ”revealed that he feels closer to the end of his stage as an actor.

For some time now, I see myself in my last stage. What will this new phase be like? How am I going to figure it out?“Pitt said in a revelation that unleashed the concern and sadness of his ‘red bone’ fans.

Although this idea is in his head and seems to be getting closer to being carried out, everything seems to indicate that he is not willing to forget about Hollywood. Let’s remember that He is currently exploring his facet as a producer thanks to Plan B Entertainmentthe company he founded in 2011 with Jennifer Aniston when they were still a couple.

In addition to releasing this bomb, the actor was honest about his time in anonymous alcoholics: “I was in a great group of men, very private and selective, so it was safe”, said. “I had seen what had happened to others, like Philip Seymour Hoffman, who was recorded vomiting, and it seemed appalling to me.”

Even Pitt did not save anything after being questioned by the presenter about his emotional state. “I think joy has been something I discovered later in life. I always let myself go with the flow, I went through the world a little aimlessly, I went from one thing to another. I think for a few years I suffered from mild depressionand until I have overcome it, until I have fully accepted myself, with the beautiful and the ugly, I have not been able to feel those moments of joy, “he concluded.

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