Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk, reconciled ?: the actor asked the model for another chance

Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk, Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman shared a family outing with little Lea in New York (The Grosby Group)

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk They were one of the fashionable couples between 2015 and 2019, which was the four years that their relationship lasted. At that time they had a daughter named Lea De Seine, now four years old. They separated amid rumors that linked the actor with the singer Lady Gaga, with whom he shared the screen in the movie “A Star Is Born.”

Both the model and the actor never spoke publicly about their breakup.

Cooper, 46, and Shayk, 35, maintain a cordial relationship after also separating because of the bond they have for their daughter. They decided to live in New York to share custody of Lea de Seine. They have been photographed on more than one occasion enjoying walks with the little girl. But the last photograph that they have taken appears both without the daughter they have in common, which raises suspicions that they would be together again.

They were photographed alone and arm in arm walking through the streets of New York’s West Village. Cooper is seen smiling while Irina is seen wearing a mask and sunglasses. This image increased the rumors of reconciliation between the former couple.

bradley cooper and irina shayk
Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk in New York (The Grosby Group)

The American Magazine Star points out that it was Cooper who insisted to resume the relationship with Irina. Since their separation, the actor has not been publicly with another woman.

The couple called off their engagement in 2019, but managed to put their differences aside. “They get along so well and Bradley couldn’t find anyone to replace her“A source told the aforementioned publication. “Bradley has made it clear that he wants a second chance.”

“Only time will tell if they are really meant to be together. But they are giving everything they have, “the informant told the publication. “They are taking it carefully so as not to confuse Lea,” he added.

bradley cooper and irina shayk
Bradley Cooper with Irina Shayk and daughter Lea De Seine (The Grosby Group)

The 35-year-old Russian top model supported her ex by attending the premiere of her new movie, “Nightmare Alley,” in New York after spending Thanksgiving together as a family.

Although Irina’s presence was due to the interpreter’s invitation, the truth is that they both avoided posing together on the red carpet. At the moment, neither of them has been mentioned in this regard but the fact that the model was at the premiere of the film makes many think that perhaps they have given themselves a second chance.

bradley cooper and irina shayk
Irina Shayk at the premiere of Bradley Cooper’s new movie (Getty Images)

The interpreter was linked to Lady Gaga after making the film together, they were shown on many red carpets and galas almost as if they were a couple, but Gaga denied that they were together. It all started when the actor and the music star shared piano and performance at the Oscars with the interpretation of the song “Shallow.”

The complicity between them crossed the screen. Everyone wanted the love story to be true. However, they insisted that they were only acting.

The singer said, days later, that not only did she not have anything to do with the separation of Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk, but that their flirtation was all a Hollywood game.

“We created a love story for the audience. For me, as a performer and as an actress, of course, we wanted people to believe that we were in love. We wanted people to feel that love at the Oscars ”, He said. A lie that the public believed and that ended up crowning the success of “A Star is Born”, Cooper’s film debut.

Shallow – Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper – Oscar Awards 2019 (Joaquin Pedroso / Infobae)

The Russian model, who had a long courtship with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, was linked to Kanye West, who has just separated from Kim Kardashian. Irina was at the rapper’s birthday in France in June.

The American press pointed out that they had spent three nights together at the exclusive hotel Villa La Coste, located in the region of Provence, and then they returned to New York.

Kanye West, Irina Shayk
Kanye West with Irina Shayk on their romantic getaway to France (The Grosby Group)

They looked incredibly happy and relaxed. It was just them and some friends “, shared a witness to the site AND! News. “Kanye photographed Irina whenever he could,” a second source told the aforementioned medium. “She loved posing for him. It seemed his muse “added.

In the pictures, the couple could be seen enjoying the beauty of the place. They were accompanied by a group of people. In the photographic sequence are West and Shayk, in a white crop top and black pants, walking through some vineyards.

After knowing these photographs, Kanye and Irina were not seen together again.

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