BRAVO Awards recognize Chilean Falabella and director of Google Latin America

Miami, USA- The Chilean company Falabellafor his work in digital transformation and Adriana Noreña, Vice President of Google for Latin America Hispanic, will be honored at the Council of the Americas Bravo Awards gala (COA, in English) on October 28 in Miami (USA).

The awards, which recognize “business leadership and social impact in Latin America”, reach their 27th edition, An event in which Hernán Kazah and Nicolás Szekasy, founders of the Brazilian company Kaszek Ventures, will also be awarded for their work in technological transformation, the organization reported on Tuesday.

The list of winners of this year’s edition also includes Pier Paolo Barbieri, founder and CEO of the Argentine financial firm Ualá“for his passion and dedication to creating financial inclusion opportunities for Latin Americans.”

“This year’s honorees individually represent vision, excellence and commitment to Latin America,” Susan Segal, president and CEO of COA, said in a statement.

“Together, they show that business leaders are playing a fundamental role in the development of the region and in creating opportunities for new generations,” he stressed.

The Bravo Awards will be preceded by the Council of the Americas Symposium, a business conference which will bring together executives to analyze the main challenges for the region.

During the meeting, ideas will be shared on the latest commercial trends in a world with alterations in the economic and political system, as indicated by the organization.

The focus will be on the technological ecosystem of Latin America and the challenges for companies regarding environmental and social commitments.

COA will deliver the distinctions at a ceremony and dinner at the Pérez Art Museum Miami, which will be attended by leaders of Latin American companies and businessmen from the region.

Noreña will receive the Bravo Award for Social Impact Leadership in recognition of her 16-year career at Googlewhere he worked for the company’s commitment to invest $1.2 billion in Latin America over the next five years.

Falabella, the Chilean retailer, will be recognized with the Bravo Digital Transformation of the Year Award for successfully adapting its business model despite the turbulence in the region.

Meanwhile, Hernán Kazah and Nicolás Szekasy will receive the Bravo Visionary Investors of the Decade Award for their leadership in promoting technology initiatives in Latin America through their investment fund.

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Pierpaolo Barbieri will be recognized with the Bravo CEO of the Year award for his leadership in establishing a complete financial ecosystem.