Brazilian rancher and son lose lives in plane crash followed by wife Ana Paula Pridonik’s mysterious death

Garon Maia Filho and his son meet a tragic end in-flight mishap, followed by his wife's unexpected death, stirring controversy in Brazil.

In a tragic turn of events, a father and son lost their lives in a fatal airplane crash in Mato Grosso, Brazil. The devastating accident occurred when the father irresponsibly allowed his 12-year-old son to pilot the aircraft while he indulged in a beer. The boy lost control of the plane, leading to the disaster.

The Beechcraft Baron 58 aircraft took off from Vilhena airport on the afternoon of Saturday, July 29th. However, minutes after takeoff, it vanished from the radar. An extensive search operation was launched later that night, with several aircraft participating, but no trace of the missing plane or its occupants was found.

Moments before their death were recorded

The wreckage of the aircraft and the remains of the father and son were eventually discovered the following morning, Sunday, July 30, in a densely wooded area. The Investigation Center for the Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents (Cenipa) promptly began investigating the causes of the crash on Monday, July 31.

The deceased were identified as Garon Maia Filho, a 42-year-old cattle businessman, and his 12-year-old son, Kiko. A video surfaced after their deaths, depicting the boy at the controls of the aircraft and his father enjoying a beer. The child appears thrilled to be piloting the plane, while they share a few words, oblivious to the impending tragedy.

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The remains of the plane were found in a bisque area. Photo: Meionorte.
The remains of the plane were found in a bisque area. Photo: Meionorte.

The downed plane, a twin-engine model that was 12 years old, was discovered in a bisque area. According to the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), it was cleared for night flights and could accommodate up to five passengers.

His wife died after burying him

The woman, Ana Paula Pridonik, was a 27-year-old engineer and the wife of Garon Maia Filho, one of Brazil’s wealthiest cattle ranchers. Despite the initial assumption of suicide, many are skeptical due to the potential inheritance she would have received from her husband’s substantial estate. Calls for a more thorough investigation into her death have been made.

His wife died after burying him. Photo: Political Pragmatism.
His wife died after burying him. Photo: Political Pragmatism.

Shockwaves rippled through the community upon hearing of the father and son’s demise. However, the tragedy took another grim turn the following day when Garon’s partner was found dead in her home. It is presumed she committed suicide, having been discovered with a gunshot wound to her head.