Brenda Zambrano expelled from Resistiré 2 for tantrums

A huge tantrum, made Brenda Zambrano she was expelled from the reality show I will resist 2leaving his team with fewer participants than his rival, so he broke down crying when he learned the consequences of his decision, since it affected the orange group.

Even so, with only four people, the oranges were able to beat the blues without Brenda, so it was not so worrying that she left the program and even her teammates expressed that they were fed up with her and her behavior.

Brenda had threatened the blue team to make their lives impossible but now, everyone is calmer, including the famous Guty, who will be shown in today’s chapter, dancing and dressed as a woman, despite the fact that his girlfriend did not even want to participate in the dynamics .

Brenda Zambrano says goodbye to Resist 2

Brenda says goodbye to Resist 2

the presenter, Faisy, talked with her and the former Acapulco Shore, about the situation and reminded her that in various dynamics she had not wanted to participate because she did not want anyone to make fun of her. “I’m not her clown,” the famous woman mentioned when the driver tried to integrate her into a game.

On the other hand, when she lost her team, she was chosen to be a waitress with the benefit of eating, and she refused for the same reason, insisting that she is not the joke of anyone and would never be a waitress for the opposing team because it is humiliating, this unleashed controversy and even asked to cancel it for speaking ill of the trade.

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