Brenda Zambrano’s 5 bikinis that raised the temperature on Instagram

Brenda Zambrano.

Photo: Brenda Zambrano/Instagram/Courtesy

Brenda Zambrano She has established herself as a celebrity willing to accept any challenge regardless of whether the cameras follow her every step she takes, because up his sleeve he has shares in some of the reality shows television’s most extreme. For example: “Acapulco Shore”, “Guerreros” and “Resistiré”. In addition, with the new season of “House of Celebrities 2” He has already given much to talk about just a few days after his admission.

The also influencer has conquered the hearts of the public thanks to her beauty, for which she has managed to amass almost six million followers on Instagram, who do not miss any of her publications.

Through her profile, Brenda Zambrano does not limit herself to publishing content related to her professional projects. She also ventures to share postcards of her private life, within which they highlight burning photographs that leave their fans with their mouths openHere we leave you some of them!

sexy cowgirl

With a penetrating gaze a bikini that accentuated her attributesthe former participant of “Acapulco Shore” was seen very sensual for an unexpected photo session that he shared with his followers.

Vitamin Sea

Brenda Zambrano He was very smiling while enjoying the sun, the beach and sand Cancun, a place he chose as a destination for his getaway with his partner, Guty Carrera.

Calm and tropical

The famous 28-year-old showed that she does not care what they will say when posing natural, without a drop of makeup and without filters for a postcard where she exposed her flat stomach and pronounced rear. Her followers filled her with compliments!

Wasp belt

A tiny pink bikini and her long hair flying in the wind was the only thing that Brenda Zambrano needed to cause a stir on Instagram, because showed off her shapely figure, the result of exercise and a balanced dieton a postcard where he turned his back on the camera.

a trip to paradise

“The most beautiful shore”, “My favorite celebrity”, “How beautiful”, “More and more beautiful and happy”, “I love seeing you so sure of yourself” and “A total inspiration”, are some of the comments that Brenda Zambrano received under a photograph in which She wore a knitted nude bikini that accentuated her hourglass figure.

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