Bride decides not to invite her groom’s grandmother to the wedding because “it would ruin the party”

Bride decides not to invite her groom’s grandmother to the wedding because “it would ruin the party”

Many women can become true bridezillas at the time of organizing your wedding. No one can deny that organizing an event like this can be very stressful and exhausting; However, nothing justifies the decisions that some brides may make to make their party perfect.

On reddit a post shared by a 28-year-old girl has gone viral, which exposed how she put her marriage commitment at risk after making a tremendous snub to her boyfriend’s family, in particular her grandmother.

In her story, the bride narrated that During the planning of her wedding, both she and her fiancé had agreed that they would not accept children at their reception, as they wanted to host “a great party” for their friends and family, full of music, dance and lots of alcohol.

And for this very reason, The girl asked the groom not to invite her 98-year-old grandmother, considering that she was the same as a child and therefore could “ruin” the wedding.

“For precisely the same reasons we don’t want children there, I don’t want their elderly grandmother at our wedding either … It will be extremely loud and I want it to be a party atmosphere, and she will be extremely out of place,” the woman explained dismissively. .

As expected, according to the bride, the grandmother was very angry and sorry for this decision because it is the wedding of her eldest grandson and although he begged him to attend, the bride did not give her arm to twist.

“I just know that inevitably she will make us deal with her and we will have to take care of her, and I just want to get drunk and have fun with my friends,” he added.

To end her story, the bride indicated that the grandmother is so angry with her that now she does not speak to her and that also the groom is very upset with her; however, nothing and no one will make her change her decision.

Outside of receiving supportive comments, the vast majority of Reddit users who read this post strongly criticized the young woman at first for only looking out for her interests, for not worrying about what her future husband really wants on that special day and for seeing grandma as a burden.

Other users also left messages for the boyfriend, inviting him to reflect on whether she really was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with and how this could be a “red flag.”

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