Bride dies in full wedding after being hit by a stray bullet that went through her head in Iran

Iran.- A young bride died on her wedding day when one of the guests fired his high-powered hunting rifle into the air, through the woman’s head and wounding two more guests with the same bullet, Iranian authorities reported.

The wedding took place in Firuzabad, Iran, As part of tradition, a man, believed to be the groom’s cousin, fired his rifle without a license, the bullet went straight through the bride’s skull leaving her mortally wounded.

According to initial reports, two bullets were firedthe first without incident, but the second hit the girlfriend on the headpierced his brain and hit the other two guests, Daylimail reported.

After the tragic accident, the shooter fled the scene, but police managed to locate the man who was still carrying the unlicensed hunting rifle that had been shot at wedding illegally, because this type of act is not allowed.

Police spokesman Colonel Mehdi Jokar said: “We received an emergency call from a shooting at a wedding hall in the city of Firuzabad and the officers were dispatched immediately.

The police also reported that, after receiving the shot in the head, the girlfriend was put in a comahowever, died shortly after, while the other two who had been shot were not seriously injured.

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It transpired that the young three months before his death, he decided to obtain an organ donor card, so his family wanted to fulfill his wish and with his organs they managed to help three people.

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