Bridge in CDMX falls, they denounce lack of maintenance

Through Twitter a user denounced the lack of maintenance in the CDMX bridge, as he affirms that he was about to die from the impact of a stone that fell on a vehicle that was behind him, for this reason he showed the damage against the vehicle that was driven by a woman.

Several users joined the complaint who claim to have witnessed similar events in different parts of the Mexican capital, which is why the controversy became larger and became relevant in social networks.

In the video it is heard that the complainant mention the collapse of the Metro Line 12 bridge, a tragedy that occurred on May 3 of this year and which would also have been due to lack of maintenance as well as errors in the structure, according to the expert opinions and the information we gave in The Truth News.

Bridge in CDMX about to collapse

They report the fall of stones on vehicles The height may vary depending on the area

According to what is seen in the video, the truck that received the impact of the stone, had a broken windshield and severe damage to the hood, as the dents are visible in the body of the truck.

Likewise, the driver of the vehicle is heard saying that she believed that she had been hit, but later realized that the damage was due to a stone that fell from the bridge.

It was then that the user declared that he was riding his motorcycle right in front of the affected car and spoke of the possibility of his death and he would have been the affected one.

“With all due respect to Dr. Sheinbaum, that’s why Line 12 of the subway happened.”

She asked for the support of the head of government Claudia Sheimbaum and showed the size of the stone, because in addition to recognizing the work she is doing, she emphasized the importance of maintaining the second floor of the peripheral.

What is the height of a vehicular bridge?

Height may vary depending on the area

According to experts on the subject, a construction of this type has different measures, as it is designed according to the needs of the demand, but approximately, they can measure 8 meters high.

The altercation was registered on the peripheral side between Altavista and Las Flores, and although the extent of the construction is not known, maintenance of the CDMX bridges was demanded.

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