British school withdraws the name of JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter saga accused of transphobia

London.- Chelmsford Boswells School, announced that it changed the name of JK Rowling, in one of their school houses, at the request of students and staff, due to the transphobic comments made by the author of the Harry Potter saga, on social networks.

Through its official Facebook account, the school of specializing in performing arts, based in Chelmsford, Essex, in the United Kingdom, explained that the educational institution cares about fostering a community, so after the Rowling’s transphobic commentsThey decided to change the name of the building.

“In The Boswells School we foster a vibrant and inclusive school community, where we encourage students to become independent and confident citizens, ”explains the Boswells School of Chelmsford in its publication.

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He continues: “In fall 2021, we changed the name of one of our school houses following requests from students and staff, as well as an entire school vote. The house, which represents the area of ​​”self-discipline” of the Boswells learning bridge, is now called Holmes, in honor of Lady Kelly Holmes ”.

Chelmsford Boswells School, which welcomes students from 11 to 18 years old, explained that he had changed the name of the building to Holmes, in honor of the Olympic gold medalist Kelly holmes.

Chelmsford Boswells School Facebook post. Photo: Capture

At the end of 2021 “we revised and changed the name of one of our houses after numerous requests from students and staff, as well as a vote of the whole school,” he added.

In a July newsletter, the center claimed that its six buildings were named after “outstanding British citizens.”

“However, following numerous requests from students and staff, we are revising the name of our red house ‘Rowling’ and in light of comments and feedback from JK Rowling about trans people, “he said.

The Scottish writer has long been embroiled in controversy with the transgender community over her belief that women’s sex-based rights must be protected.

The dispute began in 2020, when the author tweeted against the use of the phrase “menstruating people”, rather than just women, as published by Agence France-Presse.

The message caused a distancing on the part of some of the stars of the films of Harry Potter, including his protagonist Daniel Radcliffe, who tweeted an apology on his behalf.

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Rowling She denies being transphobic and revealed in November that she had received death threats for her statements.

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