Britney Spears celebrates her freedom by defying Instagram censorship by posing without clothes!

Britney Spears celebrates her freedom by defying Instagram censorship by posing without clothes!

Britney Spears.

Photo: Jason Kempin / Getty Images

Britney Spears He has defied the limits of censorship on his official Instagram account with several images that have set his crazed fans alight.

The singer would hardly have recovered her freedom after a judge of the Los Angeles Court suspends legal guardianship under the responsibility of his father Jamie spears, citing as “toxic”After it was imposed on him for 13 years.

And now after hours of receiving the good news the interpreter herself of “Overprotected”He has dedicated himself to publishing some images, among which those from just a few hours ago stand out, where he has made his millions of followers nervous because he has been seen without clothes, leaving very little to the imagination, covering his body with some flowers.

In the gallery of photographs that he has shared, he can be seen from a paradisiacal Pacific beach, in the comfort of his bathroom, from where he poses for the camera showing off his attributes and wasting sensuality.

Some other photos are up close while she is wearing bikini bottoms and with her hands she covers her breasts and wearing sunglasses as an accessory.

The publication already accumulates 1.4 million likes from her fans who are amazed to see the famous woman recover her life and celebrate her body and freedom in this way, there have even been those who have suggested that she take out her Only Fans account.

The pop princess accompanied the publication of a phrase saying: “Playing in the Pacific never hurt anyone, no photo edits, the bathtub is curved”, She pointed out since it seems that they are edited photos but she herself confirms that it is not true.

At the moment, although he has obtained a great victory by removing his father as his legal guardian, his battle in court is not over yet, as it remains to be determined who will take care of his finances and legal affairs.

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