Britney Spears’ doctors agree guardianship harms her health

Britney Spears’ doctors agree guardianship harms her health

Britney Spears.

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Britney Spears ‘new lawyer is beefing up her strategy for Jamie Spears’ impeachment. The singer’s legal defense has been put to work to get Britney out of legal guardianship.

It was recently revealed that the pop princess’s lawyer gave the judge overseeing the process a document in which he included important names who are on Britney’s side. All of them defended the need to remove the map to Jamie from his personal decisions.

The doctors of the interpreter of “Toxic” assured that Jamie’s presence in Britney’s everyday life is detrimental to her health. This testimony collected by the portal The Blast It is a new blow for the singer’s father, who for years has been in the eye of the hurricane because of the way in which he has taken care of his daughter.

The Britney Spears case has given much to talk about. The legal battle has grown stronger in recent months due to the strong statements that the artist gave where he asked for his life back and threw himself against his guardians.

On the other hand, recently her former manager, Sam Lutfi, revealed some audios where the singer is heard expressing her desire to get out of legal guardianship. The materials were recorded between 2007 and 2008, according to information from Lutfi.

“My guardian has blackmailed me with visiting my babies, I am confined, restricted and stripped of my civil rights. I demand that the state of California review my case because I feel that this is all illegal, ”Britney is heard saying in one of them.

In a second material, Britney assures that her father has threatened to take her children. “I just want to have the guarantee that everything will be fine with the process and that you are taking care of everything, that things will remain the same in regards to my custody time.”

In the third video, Britney is heard saying that she asked for a new lawyer and did not agree with the one the court gave her. Finally in the last clip, the singer assures that she is healthy in body and mind and declared that is being held against her will.

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