Britney Spears’ dogs were the reason that started the strong altercation with her maid

Britney Spears’ dogs were the reason that started the strong altercation with her maid

Britney Spears’ dogs were the reason that started the strong altercation with her housekeeper.

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Last week it came to light that Britney Spears was facing an investigation by authorities in Ventura County for allegedly hitting a a maid. The latter filed a complaint in which she claimed that her famous boss had beaten her during an argument. Now it has come to light that the reason for the altercation and the difference in question are their dogs.

The pets of pop princess and more specifically their dogs were reason enough for Britney Spears had a strong altercation with her maid. According to the information that has emerged, your employee She was concerned about the welfare of the animals, which belong to a breed prone to all kinds of health problems, and ended up taking them to a vet on her own initiative. This seems to have annoyed Britney and that was when the strong discussion came.

This decision would not have been amusing to Britney Spears, who would have been furious to discover that dogs they weren’t at home. Fortunately, he has already been able to recover them and an informant has assured People magazine that he has received clearer instructions on how to offer them the best possible care and they hope that in the future dogs are not in danger, just as you supposedly thought the employee.

Currently, the woman who filed the lawsuit against her no longer works for her. Britney Spears you are facing a misdemeanor assault charge. Although the results of the investigation will ultimately be forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for review and make a firm decision. If you are reported for a lesser charge, there must be a witness so that legal action can be taken against the attacker.

However, several of the environment and members of the circle of trust of Britney Spears They insist that she didn’t try to hit at any point to your employee and that she only tried to snatch the phone she was holding in her hands, which supposedly belonged to her own Britney. But this left the place the same day of the discussion and went to the authorities of the county of Ventura in California and that was when he made the complaint to Britney Spears. Let’s remember that even though your dad Jamie spears has renounced the legal guardianship that he exercised for 13 years on the singer, even she must continue to appear from time to time to the court to choose a new guardian.

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