Britney Spears’ father reacts to his suspension as the singer’s legal guardian: “It’s a serious mistake”

Last Wednesday, the judge who supervises the legal guardianship of Britney Spears determined that the position of the singer’s father as supervisor of his daughter’s professional and personal affairs has become “unsustainable” and, therefore, should be replaced by the accountant John zabel, thus acceding to one of the requests that Britney herself made through her legal team.

Although Jamie had agreed to resign as legal co-guardian last August, he has now reacted to this news, stating that his removal is the “wrong” decision because it places a stranger in charge of his famous daughter’s estate and extends also the same legal guardianship that she has been asking to be suspended since the beginning of this summer.

In the statement made public by the lawyer of Jamie spears, he emphasizes that he loves his daughter Britney unconditionally and that for the past 13 years he has looked out solely for her interests, either as her guardian or as her father. He also assures that he has “bit his tongue” in order not to respond to the accusations that have been made against him, because he has always had the best for his family in mind.

“Anyone who has tried to help a family member with mental health problems can appreciate the enormous amount of worry and daily work that this requires,” he added. “These events make the outcome of yesterday’s hearing even more disappointing and frankly a loss for Britney.”

Despite her suspension, Jamie has promised that he will continue to protect the artist “and will work in good faith towards a positive resolution of all matters.” At the moment a new hearing has been set for next November 12, three weeks before Britney’s birthday, to review her request to put an end to the guardianship to which she has been subjected since 2008 forever.

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