Britney Spears’ former bodyguard warns of the “danger” of ending her legal guardianship

Britney Spears’ former bodyguard warns of the “danger” of ending her legal guardianship

Britney Spears.

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Although he stopped working for her almost a decade ago, Fernando Flores placeholder image, who was the bodyguard of Britney Spears during his most turbulent years, he continues to profess great affection for pop princess and he feels very “protective” towards their interests and their overall well-being. This explains why the former employee of the singer has granted an interview to a British newspaper to alert, in the first place, about the wrong thing, in his opinion, to end the economic and legal protection that weighs on her.

In Flores’ opinion, the mental and emotional state of her former boss is not stable enough to fully restore her autonomy, so she fears that, without adequate supervision, Britney could fall back into those chaotic dynamics that, according to his testimony dominated his life in those first years of guardianship. Likewise, and although he also admits that there are numerous “failures” in the judicial arrangement that he manages with an iron fist Jamie spears, father of the diva, the former one in charge of ensuring her safety fears that Britney will once again plunge into a period of psychological instability that would be even more damaging than her lack of freedom.

“I feel very protective of Britney because I remember perfectly how vulnerable I was when I was working for her. Her state of mind meant she was always in danger of being taken advantage of. And I’m afraid that’s what is happening now. Her life was a disaster before the guardianship began, and although this regime has many flaws, the truth is that at least it got Britney to redirect her life “, he pointed Fernando Flores placeholder image in conversation with the newspaper Daily Mirror, before reproaching the #FreeBritney movement for its lack of solutions for the singer to lead a solid and satisfying life.

“Look, I understand the #FreeBritney movement perfectly, but what is the alternative? If the guardianship wears off, we risk going back to 2008 again. Britney is older now and I hope she has matured, but I highly doubt that she is ready to defend herself. He has very serious issues to resolve and these are not going to magically disappear “he declared.

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