Britney Spears has lost her baby: the princess of pop and her fiancé are devastated

Britney Spears she has lost her baby. The princess of pop was living her dream: to get pregnant and plan her wedding. But today sad news took away her happiness, she and her fiancé Sam Asghari They have lost the baby they were expecting.

Through social networks, the couple reported what happened and this is how they explained the situation: “With our deepest sadness we have to announce that we have lost our miracle baby, at the beginning of the pregnancy.”

He continues: “This is a devastating time for any parent. Perhaps we should have waited to announce until we were further along, however we were very excited to share the good news.”

The model, the singer’s fiancé also says, “Our love is our strength. We will continue trying to expand our beautiful family. We are grateful for all your support. We kindly ask for privacy during this difficult time”, the message was shared in media such as Suelta La Sopa on Instagram.

Will the wedding date be postponed?

In her testimony before the judge that eventually put an end to the legal guardianship to which she lived under for more than a decade, Britney assured that she was looking forward to getting pregnant and walking down the aisle as soon as she regained control over her life, and that is just what it has been proposed to do, according to the Showbiz portal.

The famous music star got engaged to Sam Asghari last September and a few weeks ago she announced that she was expecting her third baby, the first with his current partner. Unfortunately, now the press knows that the pregnancy did not come to fruition.

When this beautiful news was shared, the handsome model and actor clarified that they had already chosen the day for their wedding, but also assured that they were not going to share it with their fans.

“Our lives have been a true fairy tale. Happy Mother’s Day to you, my future queen. Besides, the big day has already been set! But no one will know until the day after.”Sam assured. Britney, for her part, already had her wedding dress ready and shared a small preview through a photograph in which her new cat, Wendy, appears sitting on her veil.

The sad news of the loss of the baby has possibly caused their wedding to be postponed.

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