Britney Spears is not marrying her boyfriend Sam Ashgari

Britney Spears is not marrying her boyfriend Sam Ashgari

Wedding plans for Britney Spears and her fiance, Sam Asghari, are halted.

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Britney Spears got engaged to Sam Asghari last September thus getting one step closer to fulfilling one of the two great dreams he spoke about last summer during his testimony before the judge evaluating his legal guardianship, to explain that until then he had been prevented from marrying or having another child. Let us remember that his father, Jamie spears, forced her to use an intrauterine device to prevent her from becoming pregnant. Nevertheless, Britney has changed her mind and is not marrying Sam Asghari or at least not for now.

While is true that Britney Spears is looking forward to marrying Sam Asghari and start a family with this boyfriend who has been by her side for the last five years of her life, as well as buy a new house, the couple would not have started planning their wedding yet because they want to wait to find out sooner if the singer will regain control over their affairs or if other people will continue to make almost all of her decisions for her, as has happened since 2008, since she began living under the guardianship of his father.

According to the information it handles the TMZ portal, the possibility that Britney Spears and her future husband Sam Asghari sign a prenuptial agreement. Although a few weeks ago information that he himself was ready would have leaked, the truth is that no representative of the singer has yet confirmed that this is true. All these kinds of details they will apparently have to wait for a hearing on the guardianship in question to be held on November 12.

There is still the possibility that the judge handling the case may decide to request a new mental evaluation from Britney Spears before putting an end to the forced supervision that Britney has been subjected to for 13 years despite the fact that all parties involved have asked that this step be skipped, from the artist herself to her father Jamie spears, who was until recently one of his tutors.

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