Britney Spears is on Mexican beaches celebrating her 40th birthday

Britney Spears just turned 40 years old and the details of their celebration we made known to AmericanPost.News, but now the singer surprised, because she was seen in Cabo San Lucas, a Mexican beach that is very famous among artists.

On this occasion, in addition to turning one more year of life, the beloved singer is celebrating her first free birthday after 13 years, because recently a judge withdrew her father’s guardianship and the news made all her followers happy.

A few weeks ago it was said that Britney will tell her whole story and the truth about guardianship and she will do it exclusively with Proah Winfrey.

Britney Spears is in Cabo San Lucas

The singer and her fiancé traveled to Mexico The singer had a severe problem in 2008

According to the testimony of several people, Britney Spears arrived accompanied by her boyfriend Sam Asghari, who prepared a great surprise for her upon arrival at the beach, as some mariachis welcomed them with iconic Mexican songs, as well as a special decoration in their room. .

“Sam threw the house out the window for Britney’s birthday.”

The celebration was celebrated with a romantic dinner for two and many fireworks over the sea, “the day was perfect for Spears.”

Sam surprised her with several balloons, many flowers and a beautiful paper. They strolled along the beach in the afternoon to get some color and ended their day with a dinner for two and fireworks over the sea.

The celebration of Britney’s four decades was loved by her fans, who supported her in the process as she fought for her freedom.

What happened to Britney in 2008?

The singer had a severe problem in 2008

On January 3, 2008, the singer was hospitalized for problems related to the custody of her children and at that time, her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, received sole custody on January 4 of that same year.

For several years, she has been fighting for her freedom and now that everything is over there is a lot of rumor about what Britney Spears could do now that her guardianship has ended, and in the foreground is getting married.

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