Britney Spears reveals that she may not step on stage again

The return of Britney Spears the world of music after her guardianship could be affected after the singer posted a message on her Instagram account where she declared that she might not step on stage again.

The interpreter of “Hold Me Closer” wrote on her Instagram account that the experiences she has had in show business they affected her to the degree of not wanting to perform live again.

Although the life of the pop singer is full of scandals, one of the requests of her followers was a concert tour to resume her artistic career after the legal confrontations that Britney Spears against her family.

However, this weekend, the model decided to explain the situation and the reasons that could lead her not to return to the stage.

Through your Instagram account, Spears recalled situations such as photo sessions edited with retouching, the little planning of her shows and the low number of dancers hired for her concerts..

These situations caused the singer’s annoyance, because she felt in disagreement with the actions carried out by her former tutor and father, Jamie Spears, during the tours.

I was affected for life and yes I’m angry and no I probably won’t perform on stage again just because I’m stubborn and I’ll do what I please“, wrote the singer.

After her statements related to her performances on stage, Britney Spears continued to post posts to curse her parents and photos without context.

So far it is unknown if the singer would be willing to officially return to the world of music, after the release of the single “Hold Me Closer” with Elton John. It should be noted that Spears’ Instagram account was deactivated after her statements.

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