Britney Spears reveals why she deleted her Instagram account after announcing her engagement

The activity of Britney Spears On Instagram he has given rise to all kinds of conspiracy theories.

Some were convinced that he used that platform to send messages of help before getting a legal process started to review the terms of his guardianship.

Others firmly believed that it was not she who wrote the messages that accompanied their videos and photos, something that Britney has denied, and the most paranoid say that in reality the person who appears in those publications is not the singer, but a clone of hers who it would have been created years ago to replace it.

In any case, in the coming weeks the pop princess will not surprise her followers with content as controversial as topless recordings or posing in a thong with her back, like the most recent publication she made, because she deactivated her Instagram account.

In view of the widespread panic that this news had unleashed, Britney Spears broke silence about her disappearance on social networks and clarified that it would not be something permanentIt should be noted that, for a long time, it was the only way in which fans could be contacted.

“No one worry… I’m just taking a break from social media to celebrate my engagement. I’ll be back soon!”revealed in a tweet.

After having been in a relationship for almost five years, the singer and her partner, Sam Asghari, were encouraged to take the big step to make their love official in the middle of the road that could free her from the guardianship that was granted to her father. It was on September 12 the day that the big news went around the world.

Britney’s decision to move away from the virtual sphere follows the same line of statements that her future husband made just a few days ago in an interview, in which he insisted, once again, that he does not allow the media attention that his relationship receives to affect his daily life.

“Fame is not a job and I don’t want to take it too seriously. I don’t think that’s something that’s going to change, to be honest. I don’t want to spoil my happiness. It’s not worth risking something like that just for fame, “he told Men’s Health.

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