Britney Spears wants to go on her honeymoon as soon as possible

Britney Spears.

Photo: Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

Singer Britney Spears fulfilled her dream of walking down the aisle with her fiancé – the dancer and model Sam Asghari– at the beginning of June, and now the two lovers would be planning their corresponding honeymoon. Sources close to the pop diva -who recovered her freedom and personal autonomy last October after 13 years of oppressive legal guardianship- have stated that she hopes to enjoy a very romantic stay in hawaii or, in the words of those close to him, in “some international place”.

Taking into account that the also actor has just released his film “hot seat”, This trip of lovers can only take place once the promotional tour on which the handsome artist has embarked has finished. “They want to go to Hawaii or somewhere international,” revealed an insider from Britney’s entourage.

After breaking free of her father Jamie’s control over her finances and other very personal aspects of her life, Britney has become a “new” and “fearless” woman. Her bond with the man who supported her the most during the toughest stages of her recent life has also contributed to intensifying her courage, which has also substantially improved the sentimental dynamics of the two lovers. “Britney feels very fearless and she couldn’t be happier since she married Sam. She feels like she has started over, that she is a whole new woman,” added the same source.

Secondly, the latest rumors swirling around pop princess They point out that he would have fired his entire security team as a result of the incident that took place on the day of his wedding. Jason Alexander, her first husband and the person Britney was married to for 55 hours in 2004, tried to sneak into her mansion to crash the party. She “has fired his entire security team and done a complete overhaul of her roster. She felt very insecure, since the protection measures at her wedding were a disaster, ”explained another member of her closest circle to the news portal. AND! News.

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