Britney Spears What was the song that rejected and Rihanna made it famous?

Britney Spears is a famous singer It is known that at some point he rejected a song that the famous Rihanna would later make famous, which caused the princess of pop to regret having said no to Taio Crux.

It is about the well-known musical piece “Umbrella”, which launched the famous singer Rihanna to fame, but before it was her, the composer of the song, Taio Cruz, he first offered it to Britney Spearsbecause he was sure it would be a sure success in sales, but at that time Britney rejected it.

It turns out that the famous singer Britney Spears was preparing “Blackout”, which was her fifth studio album, which was released in the United States on October 30, 2007, but when Taio arrived with her song, Britney said that she already had many songs for your album.

Britney Spears rejected Taio’s song

A version that revolves around the rejection of the controversial Britney Spears stands out among the entertainment, since Taio himself told in an interview that they returned the song to him because Britney’s team thought that “Umbrella” would not work with her.

It is also said that when the song reached Rihanna, she thought it was a good song, so she did agree to sing it, although she never imagined that this decision would launch her to worldwide stardom.

Currently it is highlighted that Umbrella occupies the sixth place of the best-selling singles in history, it has achieved more than 7 million in sales: “It is a song to have fun, the most successful songs have choruses of four or five words and a repetitive rhythm. It’s not aerospace science.”

The rejected success put the singer in a bad way

The rejected success put the singer in a bad way.

It is said that when Britney Spears knew the great success of the song in Rihanna’s voice, she got very bad; So much so that she regretted the bad decision to reject the song and her reaction was to grab an umbrella in honor of the song and lash out at everything that moved around her.

“I was working with Tricky in the studio the day Umbrella finished. As soon as I heard it I said it was going to be a hit and I wanted it, but he told me it was for Britney. He waited for his people to call him, but it didn’t happen.” told, Taio Cruz.

Britney’s team argued that the style of music that “Umbrella” represented did not go with what Britney sang and that they already had enough songs for the new album of the princess of pop.

It should be noted that the years have passed and now we all identify Rihanna by her hit “Umbrella”, a song that reached great levels of popularity and that undoubtedly marked the career of this great singer Rihanna, who never imagined that a rejection of the princess of pop Britney Spears, would give her such a level of success

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