Bronx Woman Endures Days of Captivity and Torture at Hands of Ex-Convict

A violent ex-convict held and tortured his girlfriend in a blood-spattered Bronx office, with a decomposing body found in his apartment.

A small three-story building in the Bronx was turned into a torture room after violent ex-convict Deshawn Owens, 30, secretly brought his 28-year-old girlfriend into one of the empty offices and beat her repeatedly over three days, authorities revealed.

“Everything was all over the place. It was a mess,” a 59-year-old construction worker who saw the gruesome scene expressed. “There was blood on the walls. It was splattered.”

This was one of several terrible discoveries officials linked to Owens. A decomposing body was also found wrapped in a trash bag inside his East Tremont apartment.

Woman Found Bloodied and Beaten

On Jan. 19, employees arriving for work at the office building near Third Ave. in Mott Haven were met by a police officer detaining them at the front door.

“We have a hostage situation,” authorities explained, startling the workers.

Owens was later led out in handcuffs. Emergency medical services brought out the tortured and bloodied woman in a wheelchair, with her chest and legs covered with a blanket.

“It looked like she had definitely been beaten,” said Tim, another construction worker at the scene. “She had some bruises, and her face was swollen. She was definitely there, but not there. She looked really stressed. It was very sad. She was all messed up.”

Blood-Spattered Office Shows Signs of Captivity

When employees gained access to the building, detectives were walking through the empty second-floor office that Owens had used.

“I felt nauseous seeing all the blood,” the 59-year-old construction worker remarked. “You could tell they had food. It was like they were living there. Food, junk food, and garbage.”

The same worker then discovered more horror on the third floor. “I found that,” he said. “It was the same way. Just blood. Full of food. Blood on the walls.”

History of Violence Against Ex-Girlfriends

Owens, who has a Superman logo tattooed on his chest, was arrested on charges including assault, strangulation, and false imprisonment for allegedly kidnapping and repeatedly torturing his girlfriend over several days.

He has a history of violently robbing ex-girlfriends, police noted.

Decomposing Body Found in Suspect’s Apartment

The day after Owens’ arrest on Jan. 20, officers searched his fifth-floor East Tremont apartment, where the couple had been living. Inside a trash can, they discovered a decomposing body wrapped in terry cloth, officials said.

The body was too decomposed to immediately determine a cause of death, according to a police source.

Girlfriend Held Captive, Tortured for Weeks

Bronx prosecutors revealed that since Dec. 1, Owens had refused to allow his girlfriend to leave their apartment. He allegedly tied her up, beat her with sticks and brooms, and threatened her with a knife.

On Jan. 17, Owens dragged the woman out of the apartment and secretly brought her to the vacant Mott Haven office building.

Suspect Gained Access Through Bathroom Window

The second-floor office where Owens held his girlfriend was locked. He then went into a women’s bathroom on the floor below and crawled out a window onto a small balcony overlooking the office.

“It was just carelessness,” said a building worker, explaining that the windows were unlocked. “It looked like he knew this office was empty and went straight there.”

Woman Beaten Nearly to Death Over Days

On Jan. 19, 911 received a call about an assault at the building. Responding officers found Owens and the woman in the blood-spattered office where she had been held and tortured over three days.

The woman suffered two black eyes, broken ribs, a punctured pancreas, and internal bleeding from the brutal attacks, police revealed. Her hands were broken in multiple places.

Cousin Describes Violent Abuse

“He would brutally attack her every day, beating her with wooden sticks, brooms, whatever he could,” said one of the victim’s cousins.

“She said he just beat her every day,” the cousin continued. “She didn’t really go into detail about what drove him to do that.”

Questions Remain About Second Body

Investigators are still trying to determine if the woman was aware of the body found in the trash can inside the apartment she shared with Owens, a law enforcement source said.

The case remains under investigation, with additional charges possible depending on the cause of death of the second victim.