Brothers Luis Miguel and Alejandro Basteri spotted together in Los Angeles amidst rumors of a rift

Everything seems to indicate that the brothers have made the passes, as they were spotted together in Los Angeles.

Singer Luis Miguel’s life has been cast into the spotlight following the creation of a Netflix biographical series. The show delves into pivotal moments from his childhood, youth, and adult life, captivating fans of the “La Bikina” interpreter with the aura of mystique surrounding El Sol’s personal life.

Alejandro Basteri, brother of Luis Miguel, has been integral to the singer’s narrative. Despite their close relationship, there were instances where Luis Miguel’s persona resulted in the distance between the brothers. This led to widespread speculation that they were estranged. Alejandro confirmed in an interview that he had not seen his brother for some time. However, he also mentioned their attempts to meet when possible, thereby downplaying rumors of a severe rift.

Alejandro Basteri, Luis Miguel's brother. Photo: Instagram @abasteri
Alejandro Basteri, Luis Miguel’s brother. Photo: Instagram @abasteri

Luis Miguel and his brother reconcile

The brothers’ relationship came under renewed focus after the unresolved disappearance of their mother. The incident garnered much attention from fans and was rumored to have caused a rift between the Basteri brothers. This event deeply affected their lives, causing Alejandro and Luis Miguel to drift apart and even separate from the youngest of the family, Sergio.

In a recent development, a video emerged of the brothers in Los Angeles. As reported by Despierta America, the duo was spotted shopping at an exclusive Californian store, picking out suits for Luis Miguel’s forthcoming tour set to begin on August 3rd. The brothers were seen in the company of Luismi’s girlfriend, Paloma Cuevas. The video can be viewed here.

Alejandro Basteri accompanied his brother to an exclusive store. Photo: Special
Alejandro Basteri accompanied his brother to an exclusive store. Photo: Special
Luis Miguel always surrounded by escorts. Photo: Especial
Luis Miguel is always surrounded by escorts. Photo: Especial

Luis Miguel and his brother are not fighting

Alejandro Basteri has since addressed their relationship in an interview with Ventaneando. He emphasized their small family size and individual life commitments as reasons for their infrequent meetings. Nonetheless, he expressed the importance of trying to connect whenever they can.

“We are no longer 15 years old, everyone has a life, we respect each other a lot. We have a very short, small family, and I am very respectful of my two brothers, and I will always love them, I will always love them, and I will always respect them in every way. We try (to see each other often), but we are not 20 years old”, he explained.