Bruna Rangel as a polar queen from Aspen in a luxurious coat

Bruna Rangel 25-year-old again wore a spectacular winter outfit with which she looked like a polar queen, since it was a majestic coat which she combined with sportswear, she was also seen with a much flatter abdomen because she feeds very well.

Returning with the postcard of the Brazilian model, she is currently in Aspen where she is enjoying the mountains to the fullest where she has been seen skiing like a professional and there are those who believe that Bruna Rangel is only a lover of the gym, but the The reality is that he is also passionate about this outdoor activity.

“You look beautiful Bruna kisses for you”, “Such a perfectly amazing body requires great commitment and many sacrifices in life. It is stupid to say that this girl is simply hot or sexy. The work that led to this should be praised and not seen as the final product”, they write in the photo.

Another of the things for which Bruna Rangel has been characterized is because she always tries to dress the latest in fashion with garments from the Balenciaga or Gucci brands, she knows very well how to take fashion to the limit, there are also several brands that They look for the blonde to advertise them, since she has a lot of reach on networks.

In addition, the beautiful Bruna Rangel could soon enter the maintained market with the birth of her daughter, as she likes to share with her fans the care that the young model has with her little girl who also dresses in the latest fashion.

One of the things that users admire her for is that she started in the entertainment industry as a model, and little by little she managed to create her own brand of swimsuits which are very exotic, very much in the style of her native Brazil.

It is worth mentioning that the number of followers of this celebrity grows considerably every day because she puts a lot of publicity into her content, in addition to almost always appearing very flirtatious with her outfits.

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