Bruna Rangel in a mint and salmon swimsuit steals the gaze of her fans

Bruna Rangel 25 years old, recently returned from her vacation in the mountains where she posed like a goddess on the snow, but now she decided to grab her most flirty swimsuit and show it off on social networks where she stole the breath of her fans because of how beautiful she is. lights.

It was a very spring color that Bruna Rangel used when choosing her swimsuit in salmon and mint green tones with which she overflowed with a unique beauty, in addition, the perfect physique that is loaded is the one to wear these beach outfits with which the somewhat tanned skin stands out of the model.

More than 49 thousand likes were achieved by the Brazilian model who always uses the best angles to make her publication a success, in addition with this photo what she does is encourage her fans to exercise, because since the beginning of this 2022 He has seen training and eating very well.

In the stories of this blonde you can see some of the foods that she consumes to look amazing. Products such as chicken, dark chocolate and gluten-free bread are part of the list of foods that the designer of Brazilian-style swimsuits also consumes.

Another of the things that Bruna Rangel does when fasting is to drink her green juice which not only has many vitamins, but also antioxidants such as skin care, as well as nails, the point is that she follows her diet to the letter to continue being healthy. the goddess of his Instagram.

Returning a little with the fashion of this girl, light or pastel colors are the ones that go best for her and with which she has received a greater number of compliments, also for a few days the young mother has returned to beauty tutorials, as she shared a video where he teaches you to do some very fast hair waves.

It is worth mentioning that Bruna Rangel’s content has also been about her new stage as a mother because she gives fashion tips for babies as well as small care that she has been learning over time.

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