Bruna Rangel shows off the best white dress for hot weather

Bruna Rangel 25-year-old knows how to look very pretty and super comfortable on a date, but more so if it is in the hot city of Miami, it is a straight white dress with which she could steal the look of anyone with it. attractive design.

In the photo you can see the Brazilian model, very pretty as always with a white dress with an opening at the top, loose hair and a little makeup to look pretty because she is a woman who lives from her porcelain face with which has caught the attention of netizens.

Bruna Rangel’s photo reached more than 30 thousand likes, in addition to several comments where they told her everything from how fit she looks after giving birth, to how elegant she looks with that outfit which is perfect for the heat And it will never go out of style.

“You are beautiful, beautiful”, “I still love you like from the first day I saw you”, “Xoobruna sexy and deadly beautiful Beautiful and beautiful you look like a new girl this is a Brazilian hottie you if only I love you and baby you are beautiful beautiful as beautiful”, write the fans of the beautiful influencer.

For those who do not know, the blonde is an expert in fashion, since she knows how to combine perfectly from a sports outfit with good tennis shoes, to a gala dress with which she could be the queen of the night, because this influencer loves too much everything that has to do with fashion.

The girl is also very careful with accessories, that is, she knows how to choose between bracelets or good rings to make her wardrobe a total success, in this case she used a golden bracelet, as well as a small bag in the same color as the dress, well matching is paramount to her.

It is worth mentioning that the fans of this beautiful woman expect her to share more photos or videos of her beauty, which has had a devastating success on networks.

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