Bruna Rangel teaches you how to eat correctly to have a fitness body

Bruna Rangel The 25-year-old has stood out on social networks for having a wonderful figure, proof of this are the charming photos that he uploads either with dresses or swimsuits with which he steals sighs as always, but what few know is that all this is he owes it thanks to food.

If you take a look at the YouTube channel of the Brazilian model, you will be able to see how she feeds, because she wants to teach her followers how they should eat if they want to achieve a body like hers, who always includes a lot of protein such as chicken in her dishes, as well as rice, but everything with measure.

In one of her videos you can see Bruna Rangel preparing a very healthy chicken with tomato puree, she also tries to use the most natural seasonings without preservatives, since she tries to prevent her stomach from becoming inflamed.

And it is that the influencer has always said it, in the kitchen you can have the body of your dreams, since many have commented that it is operated, but the reality is that this physique has cost too much to the blonde who became a mother recently and managed to regain her goddess figure, because recently she was seen in a blue swimsuit, which looked spectacular as always.

For those who do not know, the famous one has fought too much to become a great influencer, because since she arrived in Miami she knew that modeling was her thing and she achieved it little by little by creating an empire of followers which number more than four million. so you want to keep increasing on the Instagram platform.

Another of the things that this girl has achieved is to become a coach, since she has a many of these personalized programs, where she will make you lose sizes with training routines, in addition to a nutritional plan which has served her a lot.

In addition, she has an incredible line of swimsuits which have an exotic touch to the Brazilian style, becoming a very original designer.

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