Bruna Rangel touches the nets by showing off her baby’s first swimsuit

Bruna Rangel 25-year-old fell in love with social networks once again and it is that she shared a photo where her baby showed off her first swimsuit in a very tender way, so more than one not only liked the snapshot, they also commented on it. adorable that looks.

In the photo you can see the Brazilian model with a sky blue swimsuit, while the youngest appears with one of hers, but of various colors, giving a spring touch to the photo despite the fact that it is winter, although these girls are found in the hot city of Miami.

Until the time of writing, the photo reached more than 40 thousand likes and the comments accompanied by emoji more and more go on and on, because it is well known the great popularity that Bruna Rangel has been carrying for years, which is why her daughter is reaching the same popularity as her.

“Now there are 2..I can’t even believe it! One more mini bruna to enchant me”, “Simply beautiful and wonderful, the most beautiful mom of the year! Cheers always to you and your baby friend”, write the fans for see the photo of the beautiful Bruna Rangel with her baby.

Another thing that the blonde’s fans are happy about is the beautiful family she has formed and is that many would think that the influencer would wait more years to become a mother, but the reality is that she really looked forward to having a baby.

Despite her new facet, she has not neglected her flirtatious side, because she continues to give everything on social networks such as giving beauty tips or some examples of how to train from home, as well as preparing fitness foods, something that she loves too much, since the oldest part of the time is spent in the kitchen.

It is worth mentioning that his followers also want him to upload more content to his YouTube channel, and they want to see what life is like for this young woman now that she has a daughter, because they think she is very cool.

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