Brunella Horna denies that Melissa Paredes asked her for a trade: “That was a lie” | VIDEO

The young businesswoman Brunella Horna took a few minutes from the ‘More shows’ program that he hosts with Valeria Piazza and reporter Ximena Dávila to clarify that Melissa Parede never asked for a trade dress.

It all happened last Thursday when Brunella Horna announced in the show space that she was about to launch a new dress collection and that Melissa Paredes had asked her for one in exchange.

His statements generated headlines in various media, before this Brunella felt ashamed for the lie she told and decided this last Friday to clarify the situation.

Yesterday I had a lot of coffee, so I was a bit accelerated and I sent a note from Melissa Paredes and she was just talking about my dress and I said, ‘Well, Melissa asked me for a trade’ and that’s a lie, I said it as a joke, that’s not true. Melissa will say: ‘she’s crazy because she says that, what’s wrong, I’ve never spoken to her in my life’”Said Brunella Horna.

I left the show and I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ I was really ashamed of what I had said because I don’t know Melissa, she is not my friend, but I would like to give you a dress because it is regal. That was a lie, the dress is a lie”He added.

Valeria Piazza said she was surprised by the headlines that the businesswoman’s joke generated. “You said it as a joke, but when I got up early because of the shaking I saw all the headlines of Brunella who asked for a trade dress,” he said with a laugh.


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