Brunella Horna: “Richard infected me with his love for football and I want to go to Qatar”

Brunella Horna commented that she has become a soccer lover because her partner Richard Acuña awakened that feeling in her, since he is a fan of the ‘king sport’ and is willing to make merits, in ‘America today’, to accompany him to the Qatar World CupWell, you already have the tickets purchased.

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I didn’t mean it as a joke when I said that I already had my tickets bought for Qatar, I want to go to the World Cup with Richard, hopefully the boss (Gisela Valcárcel) give me permission“, He said.

Is that taste for football recent?

No, I already went to the last World Cup, the one in Russia. Richard loves football and his love for the sport has rubbed off on me. Now I watch a lot of matches, local and international. As I told you, I like to be prepared and know about all the topics.

Going to the World Cup means being almost a month away from hosting ‘America Today’…

Yes, that’s why I have to score points to get to the World Cup and they give me permission. Even if it’s just, I make notes, it doesn’t matter if I don’t sleep because of the time change, to connect with the program and bring them all the information about what happens there. Obviously I have to talk to Armando (Tafur, producer of the show) and make points so I don’t miss my flight (laughs).

Do you think Gareca’s team will qualify for Qatar 2022?

Yes, the national team has shown that it has grit and in Uruguay they are going to show it, so with faith.

as it says ‘Cuto’ Guadeloupe, faith is the most beautiful thing in life…

That’s right, I feel that this time we will go to the World Cup again. The national team has already put an end to that ‘karma’, which took 36 years of not participating in this important sporting event, when we arrived in Russia. I know we will play a great role in Uruguay.

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How long have you been in a relationship with Richard Acuña?

We are four years old and from the first day we get along well.

This experience of sharing with your children, being so young, and becoming a ‘mom’ must have been something that impacted you…

Well, at the beginning yes, but they didn’t see me as their mother because I have things very clear. I am like a friend to them, they know that they count on me to tell me things that maybe with their parents they cannot let go and this is thanks to the acceptance of the mother as well.

How important it is that things ‘flow’ through the creatures…

I feel that both Richard and I do not rush because of the heat of a relationship to want to make it official and present the children head-on, no. Richard came, made things clear to me and we took the time for him to get to know his children and not have a strong impact. It was the best because we all got along very well today.

Do you like ‘marking territory’? Because I heard you say on the show ‘I go where my husband goes’ and Ethel joked with you commenting: I think you’re somewhat toxic, ‘Brune’.

I am not toxic, I am very relaxed and Richard is not going to let me lie. I focus a lot on my work and personal life, because if I’m going to be thinking about what my partner does or doesn’t do, I think it’s a waste of time. Each one must be aware of and responsible for what he does, so we manage our relationship with great respect from both of us.


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