Brunella Horna said that Richard Acuña had Covid-19: “They sold an oxygen balloon for 5,000 soles”

The young businesswoman and host of ‘More shows’, Brunella Horna He told, in the last edition of the space, that his current partner Richard Acuña was a victim of Covid-19 last year in January.

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What surprised her the most was that an oxygen balloon was 5,000 soles, although her partner did not need it, she wanted to buy a balloon in case Acuña got worse, but fortunately she overcame the disease successfully.

Richard had Covid-19 in January of last year and looking for oxygen was impossibleThey sold an oxygen balloon for 5,000 soles … He didn’t need it, I was looking for it just in case, but when we started looking it was 5,000 soles, and I said: ‘this is priceless’“, he pointed Brunella Horna scared by the prices.

The young businesswoman advised her followers to start this year by decreeing that Covid-19 will end and that everything will be better this year.

My mother told me, you have to start the day by decreeing that everything will be fine, the word is important, it is important to say: ‘Covid-19 ′ is going to go, work is coming, money and love is coming‘”Brunella Horna said.

For her part, Valeria Piazza said that her boyfriend also had a bad time, but had a shorter viral process. But Brunella recalled that it is a short process for those who have been vaccinated. “My boyfriend, being vaccinated, had a hard time, with high fevers, imagine if he had not had the vaccine,” said Piazza.


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