Brunella Horna says that she knew about the separation of Valery Revello and Sergio Peña: “They were no longer many months ago”

Brunella Horna spoke this Wednesday after the scandal that was unleashed after the ampay to Valery Revello, wife of Sergio Peña, entering a hotel with a controversial surfer accused of sexual abuse in 2014. According to the footballer and the model, they separated several months ago.

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The host of América Hoy revealed that she was aware of the breakup. “Internally I did know that they were not. We have some friends in common that are very close to Sergio Peña, not to Valery. I knew that he had already traveled, she stayed in Peru. They were gone for many monthssaid the blonde.

He also recalled that some time ago it was speculated that the soccer player would have been in a house with several models, such as Jamila Dahabreh and Macarena Gastaldo. At that time, his wife regretted that they let themselves be called “the Tulum girls” and she did a live with her husband to silence rumors.

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Macarena Gastaldo He assured that he does not know the soccer player Sergio Peña, but he understands that he has been separated from his wife Valery Revello for a long time.

Macarena, did you find out that Sergio Peña’s wife was ‘protected’ by entering a hotel with a surfer?

I saw it on networks, but I have nothing to do with it.

At some point they linked the ‘Tulum girls’ with Sergio Peña, because they saw his brother open the door of the parking lot of a house, where there was supposedly a party…

That day the brother was there, but not him. There was not even someone from the football environment, nobody.

Are you friends with Sergio? Did you know that he was separated from his wife?

I don’t know him, but the circle is very small and, from what I heard out there, I know that they haven’t been here for a long time, but they came and went, but I don’t know. I don’t know either of them.

Would you ask not to be linked to Sergio Peña?

My name has not been said, I have nothing to do with it, only his brother was there on that occasion, it was a meeting of mutual friends.

And what do you think of the ‘ampay’?

If they are single, there is nothing wrong with it. When one is single he has the right to rebuild his life. People are very sexist, when a woman cheats she is ‘re-wow’, but when she is the man they catch it with her lover and everything should be the same.


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