Brunella Horna shows her jealous side: “You have to take good care of the boyfriend, go to the friends, bye!”

The young businesswoman, Brunella Horna, let her jealous side flow during the latest edition of the sequence ‘More shows’ that leads alongside Valeria Piazza and the reporter Ximena Dávila.

It all happened when they presented the note where the astrologer and tarot reader Jhan Sandoval read the cards to find out how each sign of the zodiac will fare in 2022. At the end of the note, Valeria pointed out:

What good letters, I am happy with mine, what are their signs?”, He asked to which Ximena and Brunella answered that they are Pisces. Then, Valeria joked: “Oops black cards I see there, instead, mine: wheel of fortune, abundance and health”.

But Brunella was not silent and specified: “(The astrologer) said be careful (in love). That is why you have to take good care of your boyfriend, your husband, we were talking about that. Out, out friends, bye, bye“, He said Brunella Horna between laughs. To which Valeria added: “I detect a little jealousy by acto”.

However, Brunella denied being jealous, but laughing Valeria described her as “toxic.” In this same edition, the young businesswoman clarified that she no longer wants to be a mother at this point in her life because she prefers to dedicate herself to economically recovering her companies affected by the crisis generated by the new coronavirus.


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