Brunella Horna ‘trolls’ Rodrigo Cuba by Ale Venturo: “Will Don Gato like it? It is what matters “

WHAT ROCHE. Before the images of Rodrigo Cuba and Alexandra Venturo, Natalie Vértiz’s best friend, at New Year’s parties and after the declarations of love on social networks, the model Brunella Horna was encouraged to comment and did not hesitate to ‘trolling’ the ‘Cat’ with his father Jorge Cuba.

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During her visit to ‘Más Espectáculos’, Brunella Horna accompanied Jazmín Pinedo to comment on the soccer player’s new relationship with the young businesswoman Ale Venturo. While both commented in favor of romance, they did not hesitate to laugh at the situation.

“She is a businesswoman, she has 4 fit food restaurants and we see that the ‘Cat’ enters the house as an owner. I love their restaurant, so as the ‘Cat’ also has to eat fit they have matched ”, Brunella said sarcastically, however, she made everyone laugh when she mentioned dad.

The question is, will Don Gato like it? Because it doesn’t matter if I like him, if Xime or Jasmine likes him, what matters is Don Gato. Pass the qualities that he requires, he is not from television, he is a businesswoman, he does not like scandals, he helps him eat fit, check, he stressed.

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As it is recalled, Rodrigo Cuba’s father did not have a good relationship with the model Melissa Paredes, so at the last minute he went to his son’s marriage and supported him with the issues of his divorce.


Brunella Horna also advised Rodrigo Cuba about his new romance and recommended that he go easy, especially for his little Mia.

“As advice to the cat, you have to be careful, he is a father and he decides. Time to time, when your relationship is more stable, there just introduce the children, very soon still“, He said.


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