Brunella to Flavia Laos on Austin Palao: “You can’t fall on that stick, you’re on another level” | VIDEO

The young businesswoman, Brunella Horna does not agree with the alleged relationship that would be born between Brunella Horna and Austín Palao because the model was ex-partner of Luciana Fuster, who would be dating Patricio Parodi.

Dislike. Flavia, you can’t fall for that stick. You’re already on another level, don’t fall for that … She can’t fall for the same thing … Flavia doesn’t have to fall for that game and that people comment. She is sponsored by international brands, she is in another“, He pointed out bluntly Brunella Horna in ‘More shows’.

But nevertheless, Valeria piazza came out in favor of Austin Palao whom he described as a good boy. “Austin is a good boy, he is noble, kind, he treats women very well. What if Flavia really falls in love with Austin”.

After Valeria’s opinion, Brunella Horna made it clear that she has nothing against Austín Palao, what she does not like is that Flavia falls into the game of being with Luciana Fuster’s ex.

I want to clarify (that he does not agree with the relationship between Flavia and Austin) because it is said that Luciana is with Patricio and Austín is Luciana’s ex. I would not like Flavia to fall into that game that I’m with your ex too, that’s what I mean… Let’s hope it’s just a summer love, the summer fever, but stay there so as not to comment on those things”, He expressed.


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