BTS Jimin left an important message before his appendicitis surgery

Jimin from BTS He had to be hospitalized in an emergency on January 30 due to acute appendicitis, and later underwent surgery. While the band member was recovering favorably, BIG HIT shared a special message that the singer left for the fandom.

It was just before ARMY learned of the health status of the K-pop singer that the company published through its official page the messages that the members left for the fandom for the Lunar New Year or as it is known in South Korea ‘Seollal’.

Jimin’s letter was the one that caught the attention of the fandom the most, because in the letter the singer highlighted how important it was to take care of health, not knowing that days later he would be hospitalized and would test positive for COVID-19.

Jimin’s message

In the letter he stated: “Dear ARMYnow that we are celebrating the Lunar New Year I really feel like we already live in 2022. I am very curious to see how you started the year, but I am also worried about what you might be feeling We always wish you happiness, but it seems that we are not in the situation of saying that everything (the pandemic) is over yet.”

He added, “Although the moments we lived together in sadness, joy, and comforting each other seem to have become memories of the past, I also admit that the start of this year felt a bit bitter.”

The writing was shared by BIG HIT.

The BTS member indicated that he has two special wishes: “The first is that they can smile and laugh more than they did the year before and the year before that. The second is that I hope, with all my heart, that their bodies and souls remain healthy. I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, ARMY.”

The K-pop idol is recovering favorably after undergoing surgery for appendicitis, and testing positive for COVID-19 which he underwent before the operation.