BTS Who is Jungkook’s handsome brother that is driving the ARMY crazy?

BTS is the famous K-Pop band that has become a big familyIn addition to the seven members, the parents of each are added, as well as their older and younger brothers who are the envy of the fans, such as Mejiwoo.

It should be noted that some of BTS members did not have the support of their relatives for various reasons, but today they are proud of their professional careers, but none of them are part of show business.

That’s why over the years, BTS has shared moments with their parents and siblings backstage, concerts, and family celebrations such as the recent wedding of Jin’s brother, who will become an uncle.

Jungkook’s handsome brother

Others have preferred to keep their loved ones private, but some photos circulate online and on social media, such as Jungkook’s handsome brother.

It turns out that BTS’s Golden Maknae is not only the youngest of the group, but also within his family, since Jungkook has an older brother, apparently the same age as Jimin of 26, (27 in Korean age).

The Korean singer’s relative is named Jeon Jung Hyun and he is just as handsome as him, so several ARMY girls already have their eyes on him.

Do you have your own Instagram?

Korean singer’s relative is named Jeon Jung Hyun

It is said that he used to use his Instagram account, whose unconfirmed user was @ jeon576, on his profile he used to share photos next to Jimin and family portraits from when they were children.

But now he is staying away from the public eye, but ARMY has taken on the task of finding his photographs and could pass as Jungkook’s twin.

It should be noted that the resemblance of Jungkook from BTS, with his brother is incredible, since they both seem to have the same hair style, they wear piercings and their features are very similar.

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