BTS’s V tests positive for Covid-19, remains isolated at home; ARMY and Jimin send him a lot of love

The South Korean agency Big Hit Music, reported through a statement published on the Weverse platform, that the singer kim taehyungbetter known as vone of the members of btsgave positive to Covid-19 after going to a hospital because of some discomfort. It should be remembered that in previous weeks the RM members, Jin, Suga and Jimin, were infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus (separately) and fortunately, days later they recovered their health.

The singer, songwriter, model, dancer and actor 26-year-old, originally from Bisan-dong, a town in Daegu, South Korea, went to a hospital on Tuesday afternoon, having a mild sore throat.

V took the PCR test, was diagnosed with Covid-19 tonight.

The agency that represents BTS shared that Tae completed two rounds of vaccines against Covid-19, “and does not present any extraordinary symptoms apart from a slight fever and a sore throat”. The singer of Bangtan Sonyeondan, is undergoing treatment at his home, “waiting for further instructions from the health authorities.”

V has received many tokens of love from his fans. Photo: Weverse

The BTS ARMYtrended on Twitter the hashtags #GetWellSoonTaehyung, Tete, “#GetWellSoonV” and We love you Taehyung, through which they have sent many messages full of love and support for V.

“We love you so much, little taetae, very soon you will be fine, we send you all our love”, “Tae my life, rest and may Tannie take good care of you, in a few days everything will be as usual, I love you little bear”, “I hope that during these days Taehyung can read countless cute messages, as well as the ones he always tries to send to ARMY” and many more.

This is how the ARMY imagines V right now.

In the statement, Big Hit mentioned that last weekend the young idol was in contact with other members of Bangtan“but everyone was wearing a mask and there was no close contact, none of the BTS members except V have symptoms and all received negative results from preventive self-tests.”

In addition to receiving all the love from her loyal fans, Tete has the unconditional support of her friends, including Jimin, your soulmate. Moments after Big Hit released the statement, the “baby mochi” shared a selca with the letter “V” on Weverse on one of her cheeks.

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“We love soulmates who don’t need much, to show support and love for each other,” said an ARMY on Twitter, regarding Jiminie’s post.

Jimin sending all his love to his great friend Tae.