Bud Bunny is in Buenos Aires and a young woman said that she traveled with him by bus: “I looked and almost had a heart attack”

A tweeter from La Plata took a photo of him on public transport whom she identified as the Puerto Rican rapper and the image quickly went viral

Bad Bunny was in Argentina and shone with all his musical art for two consecutive nights in a crowded Vélez stadium, where on Friday and Saturday, he made thousands of fans rave there in the context of his World’s Hottest Tour. But beyond this brilliant artistic event that he starred in, the Puerto Rican rapper gained notoriety on social networks for a curious fact. A tweeter assured that she saw him on a bus in La Plata and even took a photo of him that immediately went viral.

Is it possible that an international artist of the stature of Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, better known universally as Bad Bunny, is on top of the 202 bus, making some section of the route that this ‘micro’ takes – as they say among people from La Plata – between the city of La Plata, Berisso and Ensenada? For the Twitter user Tiziana Graziano, that is possible. And he wanted to share his particular experience with his followers.

Tiziana's tweet with the alleged Bad Bunny became viral and already has almost 200,000 likes
Tiziana’s tweet with the alleged Bad Bunny became viral and already had almost 200,000 likes / Photo: Twitter / @tizianagra

“I ran into Bad Bunny in 202! I can’t believe it, “ the young woman wrote in her publication, with capital letters of admiration and surprise. In the post, a photograph showed what seemed to be incontrovertible proof that the girl was telling the truth. Indeed, the image taken inside the bus mentioned above showed, in the background, standing in front of the rear exit door of the vehicle, a person with features similar to the singer.

Tiziana, who is from Berazategui but studies veterinary medicine in the city of La Plata, tells LA NACION about her special encounter. This happened on Friday when she and a friend, Juana, left the university and took the 202 to the Roca train station. “When we get on the bus, she points to the back of the microphone and tells me: ‘Look, Bad Bunny.’ I looked and almost had a heart attack because he was the same as the singer: the braids, the glasses, the beard, the clothes, and even the fanny pack,” says the young woman. That’s when I take a picture of it. He was just in Argentina, and that added to the confusion.

On Twitter, many users followed Tiziana's game in relation to Bad Bunny's meeting in a collective
On Twitter, many users followed Tiziana’s game about the meeting with Bad Bunny in a collective / Photo: Twitter / @lucasecardozo_

The impact on networks

The supposed “El Conejo Malo,” as the reggaeton player is also called, wore black glasses -to hide his identity?-, a yellow sweater, and a fanny pack around his waist. Perhaps fully aware that he was being photographed, the would-be singer appears in the photograph looking directly at the camera. “They just got off at the next stop, so the meeting was brief but shocking because of the resemblance,” adds Tiziana.

The photo was uploaded to her account by Tiziana on November 4 and quickly went viral. This Sunday at noon, the photo of the Puerto Rican in the “Bondi” had already received almost 200,000 ‘likes.’ “ I tweeted the photo when I was still in 202, and little by little, it went viral. I had to uninstall Twitter from my cell phone because everything was getting stuck,” says the young woman, with good humor, adding that she still receives notifications, even from other countries.

Tiziana insisted in a second tweet that her anecdote with Bad Bunny had been real
Tiziana insisted in a second tweet that her anecdote with Bad Bunny had been real / Photo: Twitter / @tiziana

In another of the comments made by the same tweeter, she dared to ask Bad Bunny, whose Twitter user is @sanbenito, for tickets for the Vélez recital on the same Friday. But unfortunately, he received no response from the singer of “I dog alone.” “ I was left with the desire to attend his shows, but at least I saw his double,” says Tiziana, who wanted to buy tickets for his shows in Vélez, but when they were already sold out.

The viral photo of the Puerto Rican in the group also received many comments. Many followed Tiziana‘s game through posts with photos of alleged celebrities in everyday situations clearly at odds with what one would think is part of the glamorous life of a star.

That's not? Many tweeters chose to believe that the man who was traveling in bus 202 was Bad Bunny himself.
That’s not him? Many tweeters chose to believe that the man who was traveling in bus 202 was Bad Bunny / Photo: himself Twitter / @tizianagraziano

Some messages highlighted, always in a joking tone, the simplicity of the Caribbean artist. “The guy is a millionaire. He has luxurious cars and houses in all countries and travels on the 202 at rush hour. Get her out of the angle, Thiago de GH”, said, in that sense, the tweeter Lu.

Finally, before the lament of a follower, Tiziana admitted that the one in the photo was not the real Bad Bunny. It all happened when the tweeter Abi, in response to the photo of the alleged collective artist, wrote: “I met my ex, I’m less lucky than you. Tell me I’ll at least give you tickets.”

Finally, Tiziana admitted that the "Bad Bunny" of 202 was not the true Caribbean artist
Finally, Tiziana admitted that the “Bad Bunny” of 202 was not the true Caribbean artist / Photo: Twitter / @tizianagraziano

So, the response of the viral young woman ended the illusion of reggaeton fans: “No. Bad there. It was not the ‘original‘ Bad Bunny. He is a butcher from La Plata ”.

In this sense, the tweeter says that she was able to know the real identity of the alleged artist. “ When the tweet began to go viral, Bad Bunny Platense appeared, and it turns out that he is a butcher from Berisso who works very close to my faculty.” The young woman even assures that she knows the name of this worker and adds, between laughs: “With my colleagues, we are planning to go and greet him.”